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Alcohol-Use Disorders Guideline at a Glance (Nursing Practice Guideline)

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Contact: Last Revised: 11/2014EArsenaultknudsen@uwhealth.org
Guideline Title: Alcohol-Use Disorders: diagnosis, assessment and management of harmful
drinking and alcohol dependence
Effective Date: November 2014
Approved By: Nursing Practice Guidelines Committee; Nursing Practice Council
I. Guideline Overview
This content is extracted from the adopted source document: National Institutes for Health and
Clinical Excellence (NICE). (2011). Alcohol use disorders: Diagnosis, assessment, and
management of harmful drinking and alcohol dependence (National Clinical Practice Guideline
115). Leicester & London, UK: The British Psychological Society & The Royal College of
Psychiatrists. Please refer to the source guideline for complete information.
II. Pertinent Resources
A. Policies and Protocols
• Policy 2.18, Oxygen Therapy
• Policy 4.38, Release of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Patient Information
• Policy 6.10, Seizure, Care of Patient with or at Risk for
• Policy 7.55 Professional Boundaries and Therapeutic Relationships within UW Health
• Policy 2.4.6, Protective Custody, Emergency and Involuntary Commitment for Persons
Intoxicated and Incapacitated by Alcohol
• Policy 8.38, UWHC Adult Sedation Policy
• Policy 8.56, Pediatric Sedation Policy
• Policy 2.4.1, Suicide Assessment and Prevention
• Policy 2.4.2, Restraint and Seclusion
• Policy 13.23, Application of Physical Restraint
• Policy 14.40,Constant Observation
B. Patient Education Resources
• HFFY, Alcohol and Drug Abuse: A Guide to Community Services (#4611)
• HFFY, Alcohol Withdrawal (#5219)
• HFFY, Alcohol Use and Abuse after Spinal Cord Injury (#5404)
• HFFY, Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) (#7228)
C. Clinical Tools
• Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: Suggested Criteria for Nursing to Consider
Recommending Transfer from General Care to Higher Level of Care to the Team
• AFCH Adolescent Alcohol Related Issues (ARI) Algorithm Triggered Management
• Assessment of Alcohol Withdrawal: The revised clinical institute withdrawal
assessment for alcohol scale (CIWA-Ar) (pdf)
• CIWA Accordion Report available in Patient Summary
• CIWA Video- Used with permission from the Mayo Clinic. Reproduction is not allowed.
• UWHC Form, Alcohol withdrawal “Suggested Dosing for Alcohol Withdrawal
• UWHC Form, IP - Alcohol Withdrawal - Adult - Supplemental [3538] (pdf)
• UWHC Form, Flow Sheet Alcohol Withdrawal Assessment (CIWA-Ar) (#SR300885)
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