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UW Health Best Practice and Alert Committee Charter

UW Health Best Practice and Alert Committee Charter - Clinical Hub, UW Health Clinical Tool Search, Best Practice Alerts (BPA)


Approved October 2012 

The UW Health Best Practice and Alert Committee oversees the processes for the request, consideration, build, approval and revision of multi-disciplinary clinical alerts. The UW Health Clinical Knowledge Management (CKM) Council and Strategic Plan charged formation of this committee specifically for the strategic goal of quality distinction. The committee is charged with balancing the request for alerts with measurable value and consideration of alert fatigue for clinicians. Consideration will be given to implementing approaches other than pop-up alerts where possible to meet the requested quality or safety improvement. 



The UW Health Best Practice and Alert Committee is a standing committee with membership representing all UW Health partners – UW Hospitals and Clinics (UWHC), UW Medical Foundation (UWMF), and DFM. CCKM supports the committee by providing administrative coordination. Additional clinical disciplines are invited when a BPA involves or is requested by their discipline.

Authority to Act: The UW Health Best Practice and Alerts Committee has authority to guide development, review and endorsement of multi-disciplinary alerts as granted by the CKM Council. Endorsement by UW Health Best Practice and Alerts Committee is the required step for final approval of any clinical alerts firing to a multi-disciplinary group of clinicians. 

Guiding Principles:

The committee will maintain a list of guiding principles for evaluating alert requests. 

Quorum Requirement:

A simple majority of the voting membership must be present to constitute a quorum. All committee members are voting members. 

Advanced Electronic Polling:

BPA alert requests and/or screenshots of drafted alerts will be sent out to committee members a minimum of 2 business days before the scheduled monthly meetings. If there is an urgent request for a BPA outside of the monthly meeting schedule, email consent will be sought. A majority voting members will constitute approval. Non-voting counts as abstention. 

Meeting Schedule:

The UW Health Best Practice and Alerts Committee is a standing committee that meets on a monthly basis.