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Beacon Treatment Plans and Supportive Care Plans are tools that facilitate ordering of chemotherapy, blood products, and other serial infusions. These plans are reviewed by UW Health multi‚Äźdisciplinary teams and built by the Beacon Builder Team which is comprised of nurses and pharmacists in the Center for Clinical Knowledge Management (CCKM). For more information on this process, contact the Beacon Builder Team via email.



Email: HealthLinkOncologyPr@uwhealth.org


Beacon protocols are reviewed every 3 years. Multi-disciplinary representatives assist with review and content changes to ensure protocols are up to date. Approvals of changes are required by a physician, pharmacist, and nurse.

New tool development process

Standard of Care requests for new Beacon protocols originate through Chemotherapy Council or Pediatric DOT meetings (each forum has a form that is completed to be submitted for build). Once a formal request has been submitted to the builders through Service Now or to the Beacon Builders group mailbox the process takes between 1 and 3 months for completion. Finalized protocols require physician, pharmacist, and nursing approval. Protocols that are built for research use also require approval by a research coordinator and a Pharmaceutical Research Center pharmacist  if investigational agents are used.

Patient Specific Treatment Plans are requested via a Service Now request after the proposed treatment has been approved through Tumor Board or Chemotherapy Council.

How to request changes or submit comments

Feedback can be sent to the Beacon Group Mailbox and requests for changes can be submitted through Service Now.


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